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Lasaosa, where the rainbow is born

One of the luck of living in Lasaosa, in the Guarguera valley, is to enjoy the rainbow from time to time. The rains, sometimes, bring a mist that dissipates quickly to give way to the blue sky, but if one is attentive one can perceive beautiful rainbows of colors. Sometimes very spacious and sometimes even double!

At Casa Dorondón we have many amenities, a large kitchen, a huge loft where children can play in almost 100m2 of space and above all a large fireplace and good sofas.
I have no doubt that what you want is to be on the comfortable sofa enjoying a pleasant conversation in the warmth of the fireplace, but sometimes it is worth getting up to admire things like this,

Arcoiris Lasaosa

A beautiful rainbow in Lasaosa, La Guarguera valley

Well, if you get rainy one day being at home, don’t worry, after the storm there is always calm and sometimes the rainbow. Not to mention that the skies are clear and the purified air fills the lungs completely. We wait for you to come and enjoy the house with us. You will not regret it.