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Curiosities about Casa Dorondón

Casa Dorondón is a century-old house, built entirely of stone and wood. Formerly it was called Casa Lardiés in reference to the family name that inhabited it. We changed to Casa Dorondón, as a tribute to the cold days of November and February that sometimes occur and that make the ice hang on the trees forming a picturesque landscape. However, you can find the name of the house on the walls of the house as a tribute to its former occupants. We have always admired the work of the people who lived in the house before us and we try to keep them in our memory, with respect. I work hard from sunrise to sunset, poor mountains, everything was tough in Lasaosa and yet they have left us a legacy worth admiring.

In the reconstruction of the house, an attempt was made to respect the original materials, as much as possible, for this reason the roof is made of a 2-3 cm thick stone slab, supported on mud and, in turn, on the plank supported by the structural beams. which are made of wood. That yes, we have allowed ourselves to put a waterproof sheet that insulates us from moisture and rain – a traditional problem of these houses are leaks – and a natural insulation made with wood chips.

Tejado de Losa de piedra

On the walls whenever possible we have respected the mixture of lime and traditional clay of yesteryear, which in turn serves as a thermal and moisture insulator. Despite everything, we live in modern times and where necessary, we have placed “advances”, such as aluminum insulating windows or lightweight concrete floors. In any case, always integrating them into the landscape so that they do not clash. There are many things that we could tell you about the house, but we will do it little by little, like the things that are told in front of the home, on quiet nights after a long day.