We do not take a previous deposit for possible damages, but each guest must be responsible for the proper use of the house. In case of damage they will be charged to the guest. We trust that people are serious and responsible and take the same care that they would have at home.

After booking, the property will send guests an email with payment and key delivery information.

Please inform Casa Dorondón in advance of your expected arrival time. So we can have the house ready and lit.

Normally there is nobody in the town, but in case there are other inhabitants, you should avoid nuisances such as excessively loud music, noise at night, or unfriendly behavior. Likewise we must protect the nature and the surroundings of Lasaosa. They are everyone’s heritage and it is our duty to preserve them correctly.

There is free, unguarded outdoor parking. In it is a green container, beware! It is a compost bin. You just have to throw organic waste, in no case garbage or plastics.